Hi there! Ben Levi with Premium Steel Sales here…..

Back in 2011, when I decided to move up the ladder and “upgrade” from a small, custom software development shop to the steel business, I thought that my top priority was to redo the Premium Steel Sales website. It was originally designed to be a keyword magnet for search engine optimization purposes. Suffice it to say, it was not exactly all that pretty. Reality then set in that I had my hands full at simply learning the basics of steel and the website project was put on hold – indefinitely.

Now, one amazing thing about this industry is that you never seem to stop learning. Every day seems to be an “OH! That is really interesting” type of day! Finally, a few months ago, after being terribly embarrassed over our website too many times (up to the point that I would discourage people from even going to look at it….), and after dredging up the “plan” to revamp every now and again, I finally got going in earnest to make it happen.

9 months later (the time it takes for human gestation ?) and an inordinate amount of back and forth, we have finally arrived at this very auspicious moment!! Congratulations!! Happy to be finally done with it!! (Believe it or not, from my perspective, content writing and editing was THE most taxing and strenuous portion of this whole business.)

My goal going forward is to (hopefully) post weekly with a strong focus on trends and news in the steel business as well as relevant topics / news / trends in manufacturing and the general economy that might affect anyone in and around our industry. Of course, random other topics will inevitably arise too.

Please feel free to reach out and contact me to be added to the blog feed list or for any other reason at all. I really appreciate your feedback and I will also have others from Premium Steel Sales contributing on an ongoing basis.

Let’s keep this a fun and interactive space to collaborate on things going on in the industry.

I am really looking forward to meeting up with new people as well as staying in contact with previous acquaintances.

So…. Let’s get started – shall we??

Ben Levi – Premium Steel Sales, LLC

To learn more about Premium Steel Sales, LLC and what we can do for you, check out the rest of our web site at: https://premiumsteelsales.com/