Hot Rolled Carbon Steel

Hot rolled steel involves melting primarily iron and sometimes steel as well as other elements at extreme temperatures and then rolling it into a long, flat strip that gets wound up into coil form. 

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Hot Rolled Carbon Steel Process

The first step in the hot rolling process is to heat the steel, element, or mineral mixture to intense heat above its recrystallization temperature. Once it is heated above this point, the steel becomes malleable. It is then fed into rolling machinery, where it can be shaped and easily formed. This hot-rolled carbon steel process allows for the ability to produce large quantities of steel in a single batch as minimal additional processing is required.

After the carbon steel is processed, it is then cooled to room temperature, which normalizes it. The heating and slow cooling process of steel alter the microstructure of the metal, which increases its ductility and strength. When forming steel, enhanced ductility is an important factor in obtaining its required shape. The exact mix of additional elements to the iron content determines the grade of the steel and its unique strength, forming, and hardness characteristics. Carbon and manganese are the two primary additional elements that influence the outcome of the particular grade of material, but other elements can play a key role as well.

Additionally, hot rolled steel shrinks slightly during the cooling phase, resulting in slight variations in the exact thickness and width of the coil. The finished product will not always meet the specific target that was originally intended. For this reason, there are industry-defined standard tolerances and ranges for flat-rolled steel products. Production of hot-rolled steel is both an art and science that truly requires a delicate balance. Oftentimes, additional and readily available processing is necessary for areas where tight tolerances are essential. 

Hot Rolled Steel Applications

Hot rolled steel has many applications across many industries including:

  • General Steel Fabrication
  • Manufacturing
  • Repair

Common applications of hot rolled steel include construction, pipe and tube production, truck frames, industrial doors, roll-off containers, oilfields and shale, energy, railroad tracks, and more.

Types of Hot Rolled Steel

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We work with a large network of steel mills as well as other suppliers to provide a wide range of flat-rolled carbon and coated steel products. We carefully monitor steel supply chains daily to ensure that our inventory is well maintained, and new material is incoming constantly. We have over 10,000 tons of steel in stock at our Cleveland processing and storage facility as well as at other steel processors throughout the Midwest and Southern U.S. We are continually improving and expanding our inventory and roster of suppliers to enable us to stock and ship exactly what customers need when they need it. We do whatever it takes to ensure the satisfaction of our clients.

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