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Premium Steel Sales has a large supply of hot rolled pickled & oiled (HRPO) steel in stock and ready to ship. We can provide custom quotes with highly competitive pricing throughout the Midwest and Southern U.S. Contact us today to learn more!

Hot Rolled Pickled & Oiled Steel

How does it work?

While hot-rolled steel has many applications, there is residual scaling that is formed on the steel’s surface during the cooling process. This scale is mostly a by-product of the carbon in the steel. Some applications and manufacturing processes are incompatible with this scale and therefore pickling and oiling of the steel are required to create a more desirable working surface of the material.

Hot rolled pickled & oiled, also known as HRPO or HRP&O, steel is produced when hot rolled steel is immersed in an acid bath to remove the scale, a process known as pickling. After the pickling is complete, a layer of oil is applied to the steel’s surface to prevent rust formation or oxidization. Free of scale and oiled to prevent corrosion and the formation of rust, HRPO steel has a clean and smooth surface that can be used in a variety of applications.

HRPO Steel Applications

Hot rolled pickled & oiled steel is popular for applications that benefit from its extended longevity in corrosive environments, or where material needs to run smoothly across plasma and laser cutting tables. Among the industries that use hot rolled pickled & oiled steel are manufacturers of the following:

  • Trailers
  • Truck Bodies
  • Agricultural Implements
  • Automotive Rack Systems
  • Construction
  • Pipe & Tubing Producers

Types of Hot Rolled Pickled & Oiled Steel

As a hot rolled pickled & oiled supplier, Premium Steel Sales stocks a wide variety of hot rolled pickled & oiled steel products, including master coils, and pre-cut sheets & light plates in a wide range of thicknesses, widths, and grades. We can help you choose the ideal hot-rolled pickled & oiled steel for your application, based on the fabrication method and type of environment in which the steel will be used.

Hot Rolled Pickled Dry (HRPD) – In some applications, pickling is desired without adding a layer of oil and this is referred to as hot rolled pickled dry (HRPD). On occasion, a layer of dry lubrication is applied to protect the surface of the steel from oxidization even when oil is not applied.

Hot Rolled Pickled & Oiled (HRPO) Steel SheetsWe stock hot rolled pickled and oiled steel sheets in both, stock sizes as well as off pattern widths and lengths. We also offer value-added processing, cutting to custom widths and lengths, stretcher leveling, and temper passing. Custom packaging is also available.

Hot Rolled Pickled & Oiled Steel CoilsWe offer high-quality hot rolled pickled & oiled master coils and we provide slit coils as well. Hot rolled master coils from our extensive inventory can be pickled as well as added value.

We specialize in narrow slitting and aim for minimal scrap loss to maximize material yield for enhancing profit margins.

Customized Quotes For Hot Rolled Steel By The Truckload

As a large volume hot rolled pickled and oiled (HRPO) steel supplier, Premium Steel Sales is eager to supply the steel for your next big job. We provide customized quotes, including cold rolled steel in truckload quantities. The combination of our robust in-stock inventory, comprehensive product selection, and highly competitive pricing positions us to play a key role with our customers in reducing their costs and improving their bottom line. This approach to partnering with our customers has established us as one of the most flexible and reliable steel providers throughout the Midwest and Southern U.S. We also offer custom quotes for half-truckload and less-than-truckload orders.

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We work with a large network of steel mills as well as other suppliers to provide a wide range of flat-rolled carbon and coated steel products. We carefully monitor steel supply chains daily to ensure that our inventory is well maintained, and new material is incoming constantly. We have over 10,000 tons of steel in stock at our Cleveland processing and storage facility as well as at other steel processors throughout the Midwest and Southern U.S. We are continually improving and expanding our inventory and roster of suppliers to enable us to stock and ship exactly what customers need when they need it. We do whatever it takes to ensure the satisfaction of our clients.

Call Premium Steel Sales for special pricing on steel by truckload for your next project or ongoing production and fabrication needs. We will work very closely with you to gain a good understanding of your requirements. We will help you solve material sourcing challenges by identifying the best steel products for your needs at the best price point. We also help curb costs and reduce lead times with value-added services, such as multi-blanking, slitting, and cut-to-length leveling. We deliver exceptional customer service and attentiveness throughout the entire process, from initial quote through delivery. Typical turnaround time ranges from one to two weeks; however, the material is ready to be shipped within a few days or less in many instances.

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