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What is the process of producing hot-rolled pickled and oiled steel?

Carbon deposits that settle and remain on the surface of steel after the melted strip has cooled can cause great difficulty in processing and fabricating the material into a finished product. In order to obtain a smooth, finished surface, the Hot Rolled steel is passed through a bath of acid which in turn removes the deposits. Removal of these deposits (also known as scale) poses a risk: the possible formation of rust (or oxidization) due to the exposure of the surface of the steel to the environment. This is similar to having one’s open skin abrasion unprotected. In order to inhibit rust formation, a layer of oil is applied to the steel’s surface and that is how Hot Rolled Pickled and Oiled Steel (or HRPO) is produced. The pickled (and oiled) coil is then leveled flat and cut to standard or custom lengths to produce finished sheets.

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