Did you ever see this classic story written on the “About” page on the website of any given business?:

“Our founder saw a need for ‘XYZ’ in a certain market. We started off with very humble beginnings in a: garage, bathtub, back of a pick up truck, etc. and we have grown by leaps and bounds to quadruple in size. We have relocated 20 times due to space constraints. Today we are a buzillion employee strong leader in our industry. “yad·da yad·da yad·da” “Blah, Blah, Blah”.

It’s almost a cliche. Trust me. I crawl websites all the time constantly mining new business. I often think to myself; “Why don’t I have that story to tell?? Why is this not me too??”

In truth, we have grown over the years. Actually looking back there have been many challenges that we have overcome and there are many areas in which we have grown – in many ways. We are constantly new areas for growth that we consider and discuss. We dream about the romantic portions of our industry “where there is a ton of opportunity that we are leaving on the table” “If we would only go in “this” direction or get into “that” space, we would then hit the jackpot. We would finally get our hands on that pot of gold!”

Consider this piece that I recently saw:


This is supported with a more comprehensive, in depth explanation of this trend here:


It seems like stamping is becoming a hot vertical and should pose an opportunity for many companies that are already in it or are planning on getting into it.

As I have mentioned in the past (see my blog titled): Do You Really Want To Be The Smartest Guy In The Room, Or The Wealthiest Person On The Block?

There is great danger involved in trying to be something other than what you really are good – or great at BUT that does not mean you should not expand and diversify. Ultimately, you cannot simply place all of your eggs in a single basket. That could spell certain death for your business. The question remains though: How do you identify or even simply evolve into bigger and better while still remaining competent and solidly grounded in what you already excel in??

That might be a discussion for the future….


Stay tuned.


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